Mesh Security Fence

///Mesh Security Fence

Mesh Security Fence

Mesh Security Fence

This build really isn’t practical due to the Prim Equivalency of the Chain Link Mesh, but I wanted to make it anyway, just to show that it was possible.

To my knowledge, this is the first time on any platform (game or virtual world) wherein a Chain Link fence is accurately represented entirely with 3D geometry. Typically a 2D texture (sometimes a shader) is used to create an illusory Chain Link matrix; this build however is 100% 3D.

Just by itself the Chain Link section is comprised of 24311 vertices, 52224 faces. This is equivalent to 57 “prims”.

The post and pole are respectively 1 PE.

The fence is fully modular, a single 4.5 meter segment is comprised of 3 strands of barbed wire, 1 pole, 1 post and 1 Chain Link matrix. A grand total of 58 PE.

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