Hosta Collection At Picket Fence Greenhouse And Gardens

///Hosta Collection At Picket Fence Greenhouse And Gardens

Hosta Collection At Picket Fence Greenhouse And Gardens

Hosta Collection At Picket Fence Greenhouse And Gardens

This video is showing part of my hosta collection back in 2009, I now have over 50 varieties, and will update hopefully next year.

Hosta’s are one of my favorite perennials, and they do so well in our zone area.

What is a Hosta?

Hostas are lily like species that are native to northeast asia. Hostas are herbaceous perennial plants, growing from rhizomes or stolons.

Hostas are one of the most sought after perennial plant for part sun to shade areas. So what is so great about Hostas? Well Hostas are a pretty care free perennial , with a few exceptions. With thousands of varieties out there today what are the best well not sure there is any that are considered the best, but there is a list of many favorites . To name a few Patriot Hosta, Blue Angel Hosta, Striptease and many more.

One thing many question is when is a good time to dividing hostas.. My personal preference is in the spring in your area when the hostas are first popping out of the ground.. The easiest time to split and divide. However, many divide them throughout the season with success but pay attention to your weather and moisture.

A few years ago the Hosta virus X was indicated in some varieties. This was a major concern for many hosta gardeners and growers. Make sure when splitting to use a 10 percent bleach solution to clean your tools when splitting several different varieties. Many hosta growers are now taking special care to prevent this from happening and spreading.

Hostas really only have a few insect problems , when in a damp area or long periods of rain, slugs and snails can destroy hostas and make them cosmetically ugly.. There is many natural remedies for these little pests to help control the infestations.

Plant Hostas in a well drained sun to shade area.. The type of light will really depend on your area and your heat… Hostas can look very different in appearance when exposed to different areas of lighting. Hostas also love moisture when long periods of dry spell make sure you water them. Water in the morning so you have the day for them to dry off so you can prevent slug and snail damage.

Hostas look beautiful throughout the season , you can combine many other perennials with hostas such as ferns, astilbe, foxglove and many more.

Hostas also look nice with annual flowers such as impatiens, coleus, lobelia, these are a few examples.

Enjoy your Hostas growing, they are such a joy to have in your landscape.

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