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Fencing Nanaimo

Fencing Nanaimo

Fencing in Nanaimo, BC is often challenging with the steep hillsides and rocky terrain, but the natural beauty of Nanaimo provides a beautiful backdrop for dramatic cedar fences and beautiful matching cedar gates.

The texture and natural charm of cedar not only provides the perfect canvas for your plants and landscaping, but also provides you with a private, secure, and serene retreat to relax and be yourself in after at the end of the day.

As an established Nanaimo fencing company we can service all your fencing needs.

Many desire a look and feel for their home that fits in with the local history. This is why Vancouver Islanders often choose to build with cedar.

First Nations in BC highly valued cedar; one native name for the species translates to “Tree of Life”.

It was used in nearly everything from clothing to construction to cooking. Homeowners that choose to build a cedar fence are honoring the area’s history with this material.

Considering that BC cedar is considered some of the finest in the world, it’s easy to understand why Nanaimo homeowners prefer to use it when building their fences.

As far as durability and affordability are concerned, many consider Western Red the best choice for cedar fence material. Nanaimo homes most often use Western Red for their cedar fences.

Pre-Built Panel fences: For the easiest method of installing fencing in Nanaimo nothing is better than pre-built panels of available from a any of several Nanaimo fencing suppliers.

With fence sections as high as 6 feet or down to 3 feet and picketed, you are certain of an impressive fence with minimal build expense. When installing these pre-built fence panels, the main thing is to check is the yard measurements carefully. Check the dimensions of the panels before installation.
It is very wise to you set posts as you set panels, rather than pre-setting posts, so you can adjust accordingly.

Lattice-work: A style of pre-built panel fencing, cedar lattice patterns make for an eye-catching fence, whether the lattice is criss-cross or vertical up and down. The great thing about cedar lattice panels is that they are great for crawling and vining plants, should you need a little more of a private feel, and that ‘dappled sunshine’ effect.

Standard Fencing: A style of fencing in Nanaimo that will never go out of fashion is the standard fence. This option features of treated posts buried, and better still concreted into the ground with horizontal fence railings between the posts. Fence boards (pickets) with square, gothic, dog-eared, pointed or rounded ends are then fastened to the rails with nails or screws.
Water seal treatment or white wash are two common after install applications.

Neighbor Friendly fences: This is a variation of the standard fence, a good neighbor fence helps define the property boundary and is designed to be attractive from both sides. Rather than simply installing fence boards side by side, you alternate a three-inch gap on between planks on either side of the fence. This gives your yard a well defined barrierbut you are not totally shut off from your neighbor’s property.

“Traditional” Cedar Fence: This style of fence combines the structure of the standard fence, with the sectional aspect of pre-built panels. Rough lumber is typically used to build strong panels that are built on site. The heavy construction of this fence, and unique design components it offers, such as planter windows, make this one of the most visually appealing, and most labor-intensive types of fence structures available

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