Choosing The Right Low Level Fencing

///Choosing The Right Low Level Fencing

Choosing The Right Low Level Fencing

Choosing The Right Low Level Fencing

It’s great to have low level fencing in the garden; it’s good for creating boundaries between your own and your neighboughs front gardens. Now the first panel that a lot of people go for, is called an overlap panel each of the horizontal boards overlap each other and that means that the water runs really easily down it. Each of them are different sizes, and they’ve got a wavy edge to them. The whole thing is framed and has also got two upright battens, two vertical battens at the front and the back, to give it a lot of rigidity. You may have noticed it’s an orangey brown colour, which means it’s been dip treated and what that means is, it’s got a 10 year guarantee against rot, but that is only if you paint it with a preservative outdoor paint or stain every two years and you have to put it on top of a gravel board also have to use a sawn timber post that have got a 15 year guarantee against rot because they’ve been pressure treated and on top of the sawn post to stop water getting down and to make it look better, put a fence cap on top or a finial, it makes it look really good. Available in 3ft high, 6ft high 4ft, and 5ft.

I really like this low level fence panel, before we talk about the design, look at the colour – it’s a tonal green which blends in with the rest of your garden and that’s because its been pressure treated with preservative so you’ve got a 15 year guarantee against rot. That’s important because you don’t have to do any preserving for 15 years (this is a pale fence panel) some call it palisade, some picket, you imagine trying to brush in and out of one of these – it takes a long time. This is a gorgeous piece of kit, and just really quickly – the way it’s constructed is great, its got a design feature that’s very practical, its got a sloped cut so the water runs away from the panel, now you don’t or I’ve never put a gravel board with these, because you just wanna let the air get through and your plants as well but also if you just raise it, 2 or 3 inches off the ground, it means you can strim under there, weed under there. Available in 6ft wide but its only available 3ft high.

Screen number 1, now a screen compared to a panel – screens are metric so you’ve got to think 1.8m wide, if you’re going to try and put one of these between 2 existing posts that used to be in imperial measurements, it might not fit, you need to have a good measure up. This one is the Hanbury Lattice Screen and it is perfect for growing some roses up, it’s sturdy. The lattice work – each of these diamonds are sturdy. You can put it on a gravel board if you want, it looks good but you don’t have to because it’s got that 15 year guarantee against rot. I do love the curvature on the top, it’s beautifully made with mortised and tenant joists and a rebate frame, so the actual lattice work fits into it snugly. Now this one is 0.9m, 900cm high and 1.8 meters wide you can also get it in 1.8 meters high.

Another screen for you, the Paloma, it’s 1.8m wide, and you can get it in 3 different sizes in height, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8m high. I like it for a few reasons actually; it’s got this integral lattice work on top, and that, if you’ve got existing fence panels or screens is hard to attach, so it’s actually already in there. It’s got a profile on the front, some people call it hit and miss, I prefer a layered affect and you’re getting a lot of wood in here. The whole frame is rebated so everything is snug in there, it’s gorgeous, it’s solid, its adding that little bit of style to your garden, when you’re putting a screen like this up or a run of screens up you don’t need to use gravel boards. And for the posts, use, smooth, planed posts; if you have a look at this, they’ve been rounded or weathered at the top so you don’t need fence caps.

The last screen has to be the best. The Kendal Screen, 1.8m wide, 1m high – that is the only height you can get it in but this is a statement piece, it’s chunky with wood, the framing, which goes all the way round, isn’t going anywhere. The balustrades, they’re all smooth planed so they’re great, very tactile and the wood that has been used has been slow grown, kiln dried – it’s not going to warp! Now, 15 year guarantee against rot because it’s been pressure treated with preservative, so that means the preservative has been forced into the wood, you don’t need to paint it or do anything for 15 years; that’s going to save you a lot of time and money! That goes for any of the low level fence panels or screens that you see with this tonal green colour to it.

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