Budget Free Range Chicken Fencing And Garden Fencing

///Budget Free Range Chicken Fencing And Garden Fencing

Budget Free Range Chicken Fencing And Garden Fencing

Budget Free Range Chicken Fencing And Garden Fencing

Tuesday I worked on installing some budget free range chicken fencing and garden fencing. This was a cheap alternative to installing chicken wire.

I used deer netting to surround the garden which I needed anyway to keep out the deer and other critters from the garden. But I raised the deer netting about 1 foot above the ground level to allow a gap. Since chicken wire is so expensive I got a 150 foot roll of it that is only 2 feet high for only and used that around the bottom edge of the deer netting.

Deer netting is very cheap compared to chicken wire and I had some from last year anyway. Using only a 2 foot high strip of chicken wire along the bottom of the deer netting keeps the chickens inside the chicken run and out of the garden.

The 7 foot high deer netting will keep the birds from easily flying out of the chicken run and into the garden.

This is a low budget way to set up a chicken coop. Smaller predators will be kept out by the combination of netting and chicken wire. Larger predators will be kept out by the electric fence that I will run outside the chicken run on all sides. That will come in a future video and will be also very cheap.

The garden is about 50 foot square and the chicken run is about the same size and borders on all sides of the garden. This has the double benefit of keeping out weeds and insects from the garden and also saves on the amount of chicken wire needed.

I had some T posts that I salvaged out of the woods last year but they were not enough to go around the whole area so I cut down some sapling trees with a hand saw and used my cold steel survival knife to sharpen a point on one end of each homemade post. These I drove into the ground to use as fence posts.

They should last many years like this.

Just minutes after I set up the garden fence in a way to protect snakes which pass through, I found a snake halfway through the garden fence unharmed.

This was so exciting to see because last year I lost 9 snakes that got tangled up in my garden netting. These are good snakes that eat mice which destroy my home. Now with the larger sized chicken wire the snakes can pass through unharmed. This is a huge relief to see on the very same day I put it up. How amazing.

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